Looking for an Organic shaped throw



I’ve been looking for an organic throw and I’ve narrowed it down to four choices, all from one drop. I would like to decide between the Markmont Classic, the Downbeat, the Benchmark O, or the Gauntlet. I know all of these are all in their separate tier, but which do you think is the best for the price? I have heard that the Gauntlet plays a bit like the Classic, is that true? Also, how does the 2014 Benchmark O play? I haven’t heard much about it. Are there any other organic throws that I should be looking out for?



I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about the Markmont Classic, and it does play like the Gauntlet apparently.

The Gauntlet is great for its price.


2013 Benchmark O has the best of performance and comfort for a great price. I don’t know how thick the walls are, but the bulk of the weight is in the rims, no frills. There are still some left in stock at YYE.

Haven’t played the others you mentioned yet. I’m sure they’re all very nice.


Yeah, I’d be completely sold on the Gauntlet if only it had side effects. That doesn’t mean I’m not considering it though.


Do you believe that the 2013 is better than the 2014 Benchmark O?


I love organics. I haven’t tried the Gauntlet yet, and while it may be a tad wide for my tastes, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it whenever I do try one. I’d probably leave the Benchmark O off the list if I’m being totally honest. I don’t have anything against it, I just don’t think it’s special. If I were you I’d splurge and get the MMC. It isn’t just the best organic to come out of One Drop, it’s one of their best releases period, and that says a lot.

If you’re look for some other organic shape suggestions I have plenty. My first YoYofficer was a Crayon and I’ve always had a soft spot for it. It still gets play.

The YoYoJam Transcend was a nice competition-oriented organic that came out a while back. Really strong performance.

I don’t currently own one, but I’ve had my eye on the recently-released Pax from King Yo Star. It looks like a fun throw in the same vein as the DownBeat and the Crayon.

YYE still had a few Triton from G-Squared in stock last I checked. One of the most popular and beloved organics of this decade along with the MMC for good reason.

I got a Bassline 2 off the BST not long ago. I’ve had the original Bassline for years. I like this one a lot as well. Very much the classic organic shape and likely the least forgiving of any of the yoyos I’ve listed. Thin width, smaller gap, higher walls, great finish, amazing to throw around and feel extra good landing tough combos on.

Honorable mentions: the Gelada, 2 and 2.1 by MFD. Not in stock on YYE, but they’re top notch. The Prestige and the Prophecy from General Yo. Organic V-type shape. I don’t own a Prophecy, but the Prestige is one of my favorite yoyos and I wish I had another one.

Lots of great choices. Thank you to all the manufacturers that populate the market with much-needed, much-appreciated flying pieces of aluminum love.


Thanks! I guess I’ll try to snag a Markmont Classic off of one of the BSTs. I appreciate your advice!


Caveat: I have not played the 2014 series.

The 2013 models are clearly more rim-weighted, bigger in diameter, and 1g heavier (which is hardly anything) so it gets all those spin performance advantages. In short, yes, I “believe” it is “better”, but really it is just different. The difference in feel will be in the throw.

I personally think the “Drop Step” weight distribution is silly; if they want it less rim-weighted I think they should just distribute it evenly into the walls to make it slightly more durable and get the same effect on play. Just an opinion.

Edit: And of course, the 2013 spikes are objectively and unequivocally better. ;D

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If you could try to find a Torrent II, those are magical.


You know, on the forum homepage, the shorter subject for this is “Re: Looking for an Organ…” :smiley: I was mislead.

As for the yoyos you’ve named, I have thrown all but the Gauntlet and I must say that the Markmont Classic is by far the best. I couldn’t say which I prefer between the Downbeat and Benchmark, they are so different, but I can say that I don’t like them as much as the MMC.


With the price of a new Markmont Classic I may as well need another kidney ;D


:smiley: Or sell one of your current ones.