looking for a specific yoyo

I was looking to buy a new yoyo soon and wanted to outsource to the whole YYE community. I like low wall, more center weighted, full size to oversize, light playing yoyos. My budget is about $100-150. Please don’t recommend any of the following yo-yos, I already have them: Supernova, 2012 genesis, and Drop Bear. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Chief or Septopus

Heath, when’s the next contest you will be selling septopuses (septopi?) at? If I can pick it up in person I would rather do that. If it totally can’t be done do I buy them directly from you? How would I go about doing that?

i plan on attending all regionals this year, but another stores forum is not the place to discuss VsNYYCs personal business :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, let’s move this conversation to pm then.