looking for a pocket plastic.

I was planning to get a classic and upgrading it but then C3 drops the speedaholic. From what I have heard, the classic is great but I really like the look and specs of a speedaholic. I like heavier throws but the speedaholic claims to be fast and I am trying to get faster. If you have tried the speedaholic let me know how it plays. I really want to make a good choice.

Plastic tends to have to be larger just to get the weight right, or else adding metal weight rings and/or washers to increase weight.

Since you want fast, the YYJ Chaser and YYF Protostar are your top choices in my opinion. The Chaser is very heavy, but it plays super fast. I’m still making my mind up about the Surge. I like it but I’m not spending tons of time with it. It’s a solid performer, that’s a fact, but I’m not trying to push the speed of it.

If you can get it, the RecRev f(x) is delrin, so if that counts as plastic to you, that’s a mover. So is the V by sOMEThING. I find the C3 Halo when I push it, I tend to screw up the stability, but I think that’s more me than anything else.

Back to the Speedaholic, it sounds good. I want one, maybe two. Not sure how it plays yet. This just dropped and I’m not getting one yet, but I’ve been super pleased with offerings of this brand and I expect good results.

You don’t want a PSG, it tends to be a bit floaty. The Asteroid is fast, but on the bigger side of things. The OneStar is solid but too light. The WHIP and ONE you should avoid for your ventures into speed, but are otherwise really good. The Classic also isn’t bad after the mandatory upgrades, but I think other stuff is faster

I Really Like The Surge But it might not have the speed your looking for

Is this actually meant to be a pocket throw because most of the yoyos listed will not fit comfortably in your pocket at all

Do what I do:
Wear stuff with bigger pockets.

I think one of the smallest plastics I have is the XCon pro. I haven’t done a side by side comparison with say the Hitman Pro, XConvict and Hitman X, or even the YYF One, but the ONE is too light.

It’s just difficult to get plastic to be small and still have good weight and weight distribution without adding some sort of metal weight ring system of some sort somewhere, or a weight washer.

But, for me, since I normally wear cargo shorts year-round, pretty much any yoyo, plastic or metal, is pocket-sized. I say for those who want to wear stuff with smaller pockets, get a holster for the yoyo.

Duncan ProYo. Forward pass all day long!

a modded Profly or Dragonfly are the smallest 2 plastics I can think of/own. The Proflys I have play well but the weight distribution makes throws a little awkward sometimes. I only own stock Dragonflys but I’d imagine an SPRd one would have similar issues to the Profly

I wouldn’t really call any of the normal unresponsive plastics on the market a “pocket” throw at all, though there are tons out there that play really well and certainly better players than a Profly/Dragonfly

I would suggest the Speedaholic. Might not totally be what you’re looking for, but it’s so cheap that that’s probably not a problem.




Alpha Crash.
Kills all plastics by a mile until you hit $30+. (well, technically it’s not all plastic)

Most plastics will have a “full-size” specification because distributing their weight is very difficult on a smaller size scale due to their low density.