Looking for a nice beefy thick soft as a pillow string

What do you recommend?

BYYS fat chicks!

I’ll send you some 7s free of charge if you want.

Yysl ammo

MFD Krazy Klowns

Big YoYo Strings Fat Chicks and Toxic Thick Metz

Those 2 are the thickest of the thick, both are also nice and soft.

Toxic BG1’s

They are the best.

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Hecka Thick by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr

;D ;D ;D

What is this?

Strings Snack 7’s are a nice, fat, soft string.

Also Marshmallows from Crococorey play really well and are fat.

Im guessing its AMMO.

Id love to see a new even thicker string from them tho ;D

BYYS Sweetmeat. It’s the thickest string I’ve come across. Bouncy, soft, and, coincidentally, my signature string :slight_smile:

Have any I can buy?

Andy, that’s not even close to being an Ammo. :wink: Lord (or Matt) only knows what it is!

Haven’t tried the Sweetmeats yet, but the BYYS Fat Chicks are nice. Although not as pillowy, I prefer the 3lan~Muse, which is still a slightly thicker string.

If you want ludicrously thick and ridiculously soft, the one that comes most easily to mind is the Twisted Stringz Gray Matter. Its so thick and soft, and whips so fast… I couldn’t play it. It didn’t totally gum up the works of my yoyo or anything that drastic, but I just had no affinity for it. So thick. So soft.

Just goofing around. If I remember it was like 4 times or more of the normal material. It was like rope and made the widest gapped yoyo responsive at the worst moments.

Lol so many! I don’t even know where to begin!

Buy them all. Compare them and trade the rest lol

just shoot an email to bigyoyostring@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.

I know a few of these are stocked up here at YYE
but can whoever knows where I can buy the ones not for sale at YYE somewhere else please pm me where I can find them? That would be super!

you May as well have rope