Help. (Requests recommendation on string~skitrz)

What is some really good thick yoyo string? Preferably black,red,or blue.

You can check out thick kitty string. I believe it should be what you want

:smiley: Thank you so much! I am about to order some now!

Toxic strings is pritty thick and amazingly whippy and awsome

I edited your topic so members would know what you needed. Consider making clearer subjects and you will get better results. Regards, skitrz

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hope it helps just you might want to get the 10 pack first to see if you like it

Check out GRYC Thick Diamond string. It’ll last you way longer than fat kitty, and will play much better.

Thickest string I have ever tried is the Toxic Metz (thick). It makes Fat Kitty look like Malnourished Kitty.

This stuff is thick.

Have you tried YoYoStringLab’s Hecka Thick? It’ll give you way sick binds, and you’ll never have to worry about your string breaking.
Hecka Thick by YoYoStringLab, on Flickr

Gee, thanks MattB, now I HAVE to buy some.

The Metz is almost that thick, but I think that one’s a bit tighter-wound. Looks nutty. I’d buy some. :slight_smile:

I’d say Try Bigyoyostring

Hands down best string overall.

But the GRYC Diamond line is also one of my favorites.

Not a fan of all the GRYC string types.

But get some tester packs for Bigyoyostring

Lol, It’s four times the material of a regular string. I played it just for fun. It’s a knuckle buster. As soon as you get a layer in the gap, it returns. But hey, if you like Rock the Baby and Eiffel Tower… ;D

Instant responsive yoyo without having to put in thick lube or change a bearing or pads! :wink: Maybe my Raider would work for looping without mods… :wink:

Toxic thick Metz are really soft and the toxic snaker are better for slack