Looking for a new throw ft. Details!

So I’m looking for a new throw that is lightweight like under 64 grams (64 being the MAX), undersized, gap size doesn’t matter it’s only a few hundredths of an inch difference, nice wide width like over 1.6 inches, a nice grinding surface and preferably a lip for thumb grinds, and price range would be abooooouuuuuuut let’s say $120. I currently own an 888.11(I like how wide the width is), a Cafe Racer(I love the Cafe Racer but the width is pretty small and so is the gap), a Code 2 (LOVE IT but it’s pretty big and I prefer small), and a MagicYo T5 and T6(well they’re coming in the mail so I don’t actually have them yet). SO yeah lightweight, undersized, wide gap, wide width, and $120 price MAX but hey lower is ok it doesn’t HAVE to max out the price y’know? ;D

The One Drop 54 comes to mind hitting all of that. Well, based on my inventory.

No, when I meant undersized, I meant more around 1.98 inches. The DIETZ is looking pretty nice though…

I missed that part about undersized.

Dietz is great. I was thinking the lip for IRGs was not going to work for you, but I examined my Dietz and sure enough, it’s got a lip there. It is 1.99 inches in diameter. Fortunately, my database is in metric and “standard”. At 62.8 grams, you can tweak the weight out with side effects if you want to make it heavier or lighter.

Thanks yeah the DIETZ seems perfect for me. I already love One Drop so hopefully this is as good as anything they have! By the way, HOW MANY YOYOS DO YOU HAVE STUDIO???

125 in-hand right now, with 2 more coming in the next couple of days. What’s coming in? A Code 2 and a Burnside.

I have my eye on a few for getting at BAC, then a few more I’ll be ordering afterwards.

Werrd Pacquiao