Looking for a new looper

I’m in the market for a new looping yoyo, and have narrowed it down to three choices, I’m between the yyf loop 1080, yyj unleashed, and the sOMETHING LP. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into which of the three choices would be the best investment. Or if there is any good recommendations in the price range between $20-$30 that I have missed. Thanks.


Those loopers are awesome. You forgot Duncan Hornets.

So they are all really on the same playing field and its really just a matter of preference in look/feel? None of them really stand out and shine above the rest?

raider is the best, then loop 1080 or vortex

1080s, you can even get azunyan to mod them for ya for even better play

Duncan Hornets are awesome.