Looking for a fast and agile throw.

I’m not sure, exactly, what weight I’m looking for. I have a Dropbear that is 63.5 grams but it feels like I can fly through tricks without much effort. BUT, I also have a Dang, at 63.0 grams, feels like a cow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a smooth player, it just doesn’t like to move without it being forced to…

The dropbear was and is one of my favorite yoyos as of yet. The 2013 supernovas are good, as well as I’m really having fun with any of the recrevs, most notably my Octave :smiley:

If you want something that can be pushed to fly, I would recommend a VsNYYC SADR.

On a more serious note, I would think that perhaps an Al5 would work well for you, I also recently purchased a Helix which likes to speed up on me but is a little small, or if you want something a little different then the new J&HSpins Lunarwind is a speedfreak. I know these aren’t perhaps the most usual choices, but I like a little bit of drama when I throw. :slight_smile: Or in the case of the Al5 I guess majesty would be a better word.

The Phenom and Phenomizm are two of the fastest throws I’ve ever used. They fly on the string, and are pretty stable, even at those high speeds. I wasn’t a fan of either of them, just because I didn’t like the feel of the throw, and I also think my inability to control the yoyo contributed to that. It’s in their nature to go fast–they only know one speed.

Haha, drama is a good word. I will agree with you on that note. I will check those out. But, like you, I feel the Helix is a bit small for my tastes. I’ve never been a fan of smaller yoyos with the exception of the E1NS. Love that thing.

AL5 is your dream come true. Get the blasted version.

I like the puffin. Stable. Nimble. Reallllyyyy fast.

Phenom! Or the more budgetfriendly Phenomizm

I’ve had a Phenom. Didn’t like it much. Maybe something with a tad more roundness.

One drop dietz… they still in stock? Idk… if they arent or you dont want undersized a Code 2 with ultralights is nice too…

Supernova Light or Eternal Throws Victory. My 2 fastest throws. They make me want to play fast.

Going fast is fun maaaannn. I need to get a Supernova sometime… I regret selling my 09 Severe :-\

I’m recommending the X3 La Goutte. I was looking for something really fast, and this is it. It is light at 63.6 grams so it does not have the longest spin time, but it’s speed makes up for it. Plus the shape is pretty neat.

+1 on the Supernova Lite.

Personally I’m able to go the fastest with my OD Chik, I was impressed by how fast it is.

I asked this question on the UK boards a while back and Yuji Kelly (UK Nats champ, sponsored by yoyofactory) said that the Anglam was the fastest throw he had ever tried, hands down. Makes sense since it’s mickeys design and signature… but it’s just so damn expensive.

From my collection, the the Supernova Lite + OD Chik come out as clear winners when it comes to speed. The Arctic Circle could be pushed pretty fast but I didn’t really like it myself… I agree that the Puffin can also be nippy, but I think there are faster and better throws.

Ive heardmultiple times that the Phenom is much faster than the Anglam but the Anglam is better in evrry other aspect

Any Werrd Irony. 'nuff said.

I had an Irony like 3 years ago. Don’t remember how it plays… :stuck_out_tongue:

Tre 2k13 is super fast.

I would back up the La Goutte option. It’s absurdly fun! Despite a tiny lack of spin time and I do only mean a little bit, it is one of the most well rounded 1A throws I’ve had the pleasure to let roll down a string.

The new superstar can be pushed to go really fast and is very agile, it is oversized but it is great. The phenomizm is my fastest throw. But the Superstar can go as fast as you want it to and is leagues better than the phenomizm.