I want a new lightning fast throw

I want a new metal that is fast and can be slow. I need stability and I would like to get it on YYE. No budget

I had the phenom, the berserker, the positron, and the irony in mind. I will be using it for competition play.any suggestions would be helpful.

Wait for the Royale by Square Wheels. It should be exactly that for you. But it’s not on YYE, or maybe not yet.

I wonder about the Code 2 which is coming soon to my location as well. Or maybe the Burnside.

However, my Phenom is a speed demon and can often be far too much for me to handle. When it gets up and going I can’t handle it. I prefer slower movers right now.

I’ve got a burnside. The phenomizm is my fastest throw.

pretty much any of mickey’s signatures. Or the irony is also a great choice.
The irony is werrd’s go at a purely competition level yoyo, and it shows. It’s fast, spins forever, and has no bells or whistles like hubstacks or anything.

So it’s not worth going for a very hi end throw like the positron. The irony can compete with the them?

Chico gullwing is amazingly fast! I have one and I just freaked out at how fast it was!

I played a Werrd Irony last week. I was like “OMG!!” It was freakin’ amazing. Fast? yes. Spins forever? yes. No bells or whistles? Unless you consider that solid play, light on the string and and amzing spin times are bel sand whistles, then yeah, it’s completely gimmick free. This moved to the top of my wants list right next to a Monkey Finger Nickel Mint Evil Yo.

1D Dietz (with Brass Dome if you can).

I wouldn’t say the dietz is lightning fast. Yea there’s some zip to it but it’s not the speed demon the phenom and gullwing are:

My friend has a dietz and it’s cool but I still think I’m gonna go with the irony.

If you want fast, you want:

  1. Turning Point - Positron
  2. YYR - Sleipnir
    3.YoyoMonster - Quickmate