Looking back and looking forward

Hey David. Love all your yoyos that I’ve played, and glad I got to work with you testing the code1 all those years ago.

Looking back, what do you think was the most endeavorous idea you’ve had as a company? Obviously side effects were an ingenious creation… was there any other ideas like that that you never got the chance to try, or never panned out?

And looking forward what kind of crazy ideas do you want to try the most?


Can we pay some respects for the hex nut capture system… :sleepy:


That’s awesome you were a CODE1 tester. CODE1 and CODE2 were really cool ideas in terms of community involvement.

I think that having our own factory and making that work has been the big endeavor here. This is a very difficult path to take - and getting more difficult and Chinese manufacturing takes over more and more of our industry. Thank you to all who have supported us!


I remember I almost missed my opportunity to test it because I was on vacation :joy:. I still have mine. One of my favorites from you guys along with the 54 and cabal.

Speaking of cabal, are there any plans for another delrin yoyo from you guys?


We are hoping to do a new run of Cabals this year.