Rally/Cabal Guts

I have four fantastic yoyos made by others using the Cabal guts. From Jensen I have the Peon and Woodboy, and from Spinworthy I have the Victrola and a Cypress Pine one that I don’t think Glen named.

I’ve also seen pics of other examples, from other makers. All the ones I’ve seen, have been wood.

It must be exciting to see one of your designs facilitate the creation of all these yoyos, and to be a part of the realization of wood as a viable material for modern unresponsives!

Have you ever tried another maker’s yoyo made with your guts?

Was it the development of, and the experience with the SE system, that gave you all the foresight to create a system you could reuse, when you were designing the Rally?

Any OD ideas on the horizon using them?


I know he has tried a Spinworthy Quartersawn; there’s one in the Onedrop collection. He has also tried some A/RT Woodens.


We definitely have some yoyos in our collection that use our guts system. We’ve sold a lot of those kits and the result is awesome!

I answered the Side Effect question in another thread - the answer is long so look that one up. :slight_smile:


I think I did read that, but my question wasn’t directly about SE, but rather how Developing the SE might have influenced the guts in the Rally/Cabal.

It’s all good, though! I know there are so many questions to answer. I really appreciate you taking the time for us. That fact, and the way you’ve answered all the questions, has made me even more of a fanboy!

In my other answer I talk about the whole history of the development of SEs. Rally/Cabal guts came later but were not designed a reuse system. They were designed for trying to solve the problems of plastic.

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Right, I think @AndreBoulay asked that question.

Well, I’m so glad that the Rally guts did work out as a reuse system!

How fortunate that they also solved the problems of wood!

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Rally guts are not a re-use system. They are meant to be press fit and then never taken out. Technically you can, but it can lead to vibe and problems. Don’t recommend it.


I’m sorry, I meant that you were able to use them in other yoyos. I don’t own a Rally, so I didn’t know they were press fit. They are not press fit in the wood yoyos I have utilizing them, and can easily be taken out and put back in. I apologize if I used the term “reuse” incorrectly.

Or are the Rally guts different from the Cabal guts? I had read they were the same…

I feel so guilty! I didn’t want to be “The Frustrating Guy”… :crazy_face:


Naw man you good. Love the discussion. The Rally and Cabal use exactly the same guts :slight_smile: