Looking at getting SPYY Addiction

So i read a pretty lengthy review about the SPYY Addiction on this forum…

It all sounds great except for the one thing that stuck out the most to me: “2 minute spin time! I can’t wait to throw on a twisted trifecta and push that 3!” - wait, did i read that right??

i currently have a crucial cupcake and a capless and both spin longer than that…

i’ve even timed the crucial (just letting it hang there, though… not doing anything else) and it lasted 8 and a half minutes…

so again, did i read that right?? or should it not matter…

anyways, anyone else have anything to say about spyy addiction?

Spin times vary GREATLY from person to person. It depends on throwing style, strength, overall player skill in some cases, and even down to the type of bearing.

I’ve had two Addictions (heh) and they were both excellent. Though I found the gap to be a bit narrow at times. I didn’t have them for long, so I never had a chance to really break them in.

But they’re really fun. I say go for it.

First of all, you can’t compare your throw to someone else’s. It will just never work. There’s no such thing as “X amount of spin time” on a yoyo in the first place, never mind comparing between two different throwers.

Next, 8.5 minutes? That’s a long spin. Good on ya! I can’t imagine getting that much spin on anything but a BTH.

I have a Capless also, and I don’t think I’d be approaching 3 minutes with it.

Finally, I’m sure you’d acknowledge that there’s a big difference between sleeping spin time and combo length. If there’s something about the Addiction that pushes you to have cleaner combos with less string friction, it could theoretically still end up pulling off longer combos. Though, I admit I doubt it. Some yoyos just spin less; not sure that’s a bad thing.

The real point, though… someone’s “3-minute throw” might well be YOUR “8-minute throw”. There’s such a huge difference in throwing strength and technique from one player to the next that you’re comparing completely meaningless metrics.

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How do you get that much spin on a CUPCAKE? Maybe on a Gleipnir or Chief.

It all depends on technique. For example, I rolled my Drop Bear off my hand, no throw, and it was perfectly straight, and spun for 5 minutes. But when I threw it, it was slightly tilted, and only got 3.5.

yeah, i threw it perfectly straight as hard as i could lol… i was very excited/impressed/knowitwillneverhappenagain’d

I thought he meant consistently…