Longest sleeping responsive yoyo?

Ok, so we’ve all heard of unresponsive yoyos doing 5-10 minute sleep times but I was curious to see how long a responsive yoyo could sleep… None of my cheap responsive throws sleep over 45ish seconds, so I decided to try something… I replaced my MN’s 10 ball bearing with a slim bearing. I can get 4:30ish sleep time with the 10 ball bearing so I thought maybe it would sleep long for responsive with the slim bearing. So I tried it out and got 1:18. How much sleep time can you guys get with a responsive yoyo? I wonder how long the BTH can sleep with a slim bearing ???

Not very long. I may time myself later today. To all who own a BTH:

What sleep times have you gotten?

I heard this yo-yo is useless.

Who even owns one anyway?

I believe at one point I know John Narum slept a fixed axle for about 2:30 don’t quote me on it but he goes to my yoyo club every now and then and i think that’s what he said

I don’t think anyone owns one except for collectors… It was solely built to break the sleeping world record and that’s really all it can do… sleep a long time :smiley:

As far as yoyos meant for responsive and smooth play… The SPYY Flying V and the Spencer Berry Walter are gonna be your best bets. Good bearings plus good design.

Other than that… A BTH w thick lube would probably do the trick…

Playmaxx Cold Fusion.

Cold Fusion GT, over 9 min. A bearing.

*Edit: Make that “an A bearing.” :wink:

Definitely a Walter, Cold fusion, maybe a SB2( anybody have opinions on the sb2?)

re: SB2

Sleeps fairly long, but as-is terrible for string tricks. You can adjust the gap but once you’re at a comfortable width, the yoyo is no longer responsive due to the response system being simply a taper in the shape on the inside.

I turned mine on a lathe and added a silicone pad on one side. This make the yoyo pretty good!

Responsive or unresponsive - it’s primarily the thrower that determines the sleep time.

I honestly can’t believe the BTH sold out, what a pointless throw. Isn’t there a yoyo that sleeps forever? I saw it in a video, it had a “motor” that kept it spinning.

Yes, but to my understanding, it doesnt work too well.

30 minute sleep times ;).