Longest Sleeper

Hey, i was wondering who here has the longest sleep time. Mine is 1min 35 sec. Don’t lie about your spin time either.

I will say this - ANDRE - then like samad-- then like steven — but yea…
Mine is 3:58 STOCK G5 OH YA!

idk about my sleeper, but on my Z-Stacks, I have 4:49.

I really dont care about sleep time. So long as it is is enough to complete my trick. However, before, I have gotten 5: 15 on a Stock DM.

I will make a video using my G5 today :slight_smile:

mines 24secs :slight_smile:

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Somewhere around 2:05. :frowning: :-[ :stuck_out_tongue:

mines like 1:35

What? I wanna see it???

I will have to make it later. I dont have my camera right now.

my longest is 5 minutes 24 seconds with a dark magic

NOTE: This is with hubstacks

You might not wanna call him on this one, Ebin. :wink:

That kid has got a horrendously strong and accurate sleep. His modesty belies his well-practiced skill.

Mine is 4:09. My m1. I just bought a MarkMont so i’ll tell you that spin time later.

mine is about 1:35 with a dark magic with kk bearing :-\

Oh, i ment the video, not the sleeper. I beleive the sleeper part

Oh Puh-lease, your embarrassing me :-[ :wink:

my lyn 1 min

mine is 15 seconds ;D

I do have a recorded sleep time of over 5 minutes with a modified tom kuhn silver bullet but I do have to say the best sleeper is my car… It’s a 98 carolla that nailed a 11.9 second quarter mile and it has eveything stock for looks but does indeed have a 4 cylinder intercooled turbo engine with a 5-speed transmission and a dual centerforce clutch with a aluminum flywheel and greddy turbo tuned exhaust and cold air intake by AEM, not that anyone on this site cares but I’m proud of both sleepers…

I started yoyoing about three weeks ago and my hitman can sleep for about 1 min 30 sec.

NOTE: I just got a 11hour sleep last night! ;D