Your Longest Spin Time?


doesnt really matter what yoyo it is but you can say if you want really just interested to know what your guys top spin time is.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #2

DM 3:10

(DOGS) #3

DV888: 5:23
Butterfly: 0:49 hahaha


DM: 4:03 [woot woot]

(J. Lev) #5

One time I had the flu and slept for 15 hours or something like that.

(JosephP) #6



HA!! That’s classic :smiley:

(laxdude99) #8

7 min 53 sec on my genesis

4 min 35 sec on my protostar

(yoyo jake) #9

bully-9:59(almost ten gosh)

boss- 5:15

kickside- 3:19

sick with flu 19 hours


I’ve never let my yoyo just sleep before… I’ll go try and see what happens though ;D


Hah! You fail Xdohl! The OP said Longest Spin Time, not sleep time!!!


didnt realize that either haha


888 – 9:30


3:20 with a YYJ Legacy.


with a 888x

(_|@<06) #16


(J. Lev) #17

Actually, I laid this trap for you on purpose, because I knew someone would think they were being all wise and all.

I toss and turn alot. So in those 15 hours, I was spinning in a horizontal manner. :wink:


Just admit it Xdohl, you did fail. Lol. JK!

But what was your longest spin time though?


eneme 6 18

(J. Lev) #20

Enough time for me to finish the trick. I really don’t know why people care about throwing their yoyo for minutes at a time. The combo is thirty seconds long at the maximum. You don’t need that much spin.