Longest learning trick

Hey this is a thread where you can post the trick where it took you the longest to learn, just post how long it took you to complete it , what trick it was and if you want which yoyo you used :slight_smile:

Boingy boing. About a month. Protostar

kwijibo about a month pocket pros zombie

gyroscopic flop and boingy boing. About a month for boingy boing, and I quit gyroscopic flop, and came back to it a few months later and got it. Used the Yoyofactory Grind Machine.

McBride’s Roller Coaster took me over a month. I’m working on Kwijibo right now. Going on 2 weeks now, this one is gonna take longer than I thought to really get reliable.

I don’t worry about time though. This all comes hard for me. Every new trick is a new set of problems.

Took me months to learn Kwijibo and Boing-e-boing. I honestly thought I would never get them down. Yoyo: CLYW Wooly Marmot.

Boingy-boing six-months, Dm2.

I’m going to go with seasick. I had trouble with the Boingy-boing too, it’s the rhythm that is so difficult. I’m having the same trouble with seasick, I can only get it really nice about 70% of the time and it’s been 2 months or so. It’s quite frustrating, though idk why it took so long for me to try the trick. I could get And Whut and Yuuki Slack in like 2 or 3 hours… but seasick… ugh. I’ve been mostly using my Markmont Next or my Whip.

Eli Hops. The only yoyo I had to learn it on was a ministar.


Umm 8months and counting

My entire collection…

boing e boing I have been working on it since I started yoyoing 2 years ago still havent gotten it. all of my yoyos

year and a half for learning boingy boing.

I still can’t do seasick after 2 years or magic drop

Spirit Bomb. I just can’t get that last pop! 3 months and counting, with my YYF Supernova.

Took me 5 months of on and off again practicing for boingy boing, i used my whip most of the time. :smiley:


Still can’t get it…

guy wright’s exaggeration. It’s like seasick on steroids. It took me well over a month until I could do it pretty good. I mostly used my punchline repeater (of course :slight_smile: )
Also, reverse brent stole took me about a month. I didn’t try nearly as hard as exaggeration though.