Long string or normal string

Is there any specific advantage to using long string? I know there are certain tricks but can those be done on normal string? Or are those tricks just easier on longer string. Im curious on whether I should start using long string or not. Thanks.

Try a longer string and see how you like it. You’ll notice pretty quickly when a string is too long or too short for what you’re trying to do.

I like the length of kitty with none cut off and just a knot tied, and I can do pretty much all of my tricks. I think shorter string helps you go faster, and makes horizontal easier to control.

You do realize that that didn’t tell what length of string you use, merely your opinion on short string being good for horizontal😁

I think you need experiment and try different lengths to see what works for you. What I use may not work for someone else so giving a specific is not always helpful.

If the string is too long the weight of it will actually bring your kite down.


Sure it did. Whatever length Kitty happens to be, without cutting any off; just tying a knot.

The presumption is that Kitty is so ubiquitous that it makes a fair enough yardstick, and that we all know roughly how long a Kitty string is.

Fairly true. Every now and then there seem to be discrepancies, but I’m pretty sure I can visualize how long his string is. Now, the confusing part is that he was then recommending short string for horizontal; but a full-length Kitty is not considered a short string. The statement didn’t seem to “follow” (ie. it was a non-sequitur).

I meant that I used kitty, and not necessarily that kitty was short, but I know that shorter string helps horizontal and speedier tricks. Two separate topics. Sorry if I was confusing.

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