long hair?


I was just wondering why so many yoyoers have long hair. I’m not saying it’s bad, I just see so many people with it.


A lot of normal people even if their not yo-yoers have long hair, too. I think it’s just a coincidence.


I’ve noticed that people that are more into the more alternative forms of pleasure tend to have long hair, hence yo-yos=alternative hobby therefore alternative people


True, true.

Also true. I guess I just don’t get why long hair is good, besides somebody telling me it helps block the sun out of their eyes =P

(VincentD) #5

Long hair is super comfortable, and just cool.


i dont really like long hair, i have relatively long hair and find it extremely annoying, i much prefer it when i have short hair.

also i really hate it when a guy has long straight hair, i dont know why but i just dont like the look of it, i dont mind when it is long and curly though.




I like mine medium.

I like in between Steven:


And Samad:





(JonasK) #9

If my hair is short, I do anything to keep it up. Long hair down.

Addment: Terence Renati’s Strong Hold Wax=smileys :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D

(Mark) #10

I have short hair and it naturally goes up. But when long, it goes down. How about Gatsy Wax? hahaha. I don’t use it but I hears it’s good. XD (This is really off topic.)