Long Fingernail not nails but 1

Just curious, I’ve been watching some Tutorials lately trying to learn some new Tricks and I have seen a cpl different Yo-Yoers doing the Vids, 1 with a Long Poniter Fingernail on Both Hands and the other had 1 pointer and 1 pinkie with long nails. I just thought it was odd, dudes with Long nails. Is it maybe for easier grinds or easier to do string tricks or un tangle strings. I’ve heard of it being a cultural thing. Asain is a long pinkie nail means wealth and intelligents. Or it could be used for drugs, Um also I’ve heard of Booger Scooper, Ear Spoon lol, and if you play guitars you can use it as an Organic Guitar Pick. Just wasn’t sure if it was also a Yo-Yo thing… :-\

Not much of a yoyo thing, its just that many people are too lazy/busy to trim their fingernails.

yea fashion victim or the dude just doesn’t care

I used to play the guitar a lot so I can’t stand fingernails

I have a BA in Criminal Justice and from what I know and am willing to say and have it be non offensive is that it means basically anything. It can mean anything from poor hygiene to having gang and drug connotations.

I can also not mean all those negative things. Just because you have long nails doesn’t mean you have poor Hygiene, are a drug user or any type of gang affiliation. Sheesh, I guess I’d better cut my nails before I shower and my gang overlord gives me enough crack to OD!

Its also really common among asian high school/college students. Its considered trendy I guess. Not sure if the ones you are seeing are from overseas, but if so, that is. Probably why.

Isn’t it also like a Culture thing. Something like if the pinkie nail is as long as the ring fingers last knuckle means that you come from Wealth, Intelligent, and will have Healthy Children or Something like that.

I didn’t mean it like that lol. I meant aside from what had already been stated. I just didn’t feel it was necessary to be redundant and list that stuff again. I’m sure there are positive connotations as well I have not been educated on them though. My education has given me a somewhat jaded opinion I think. I didn’t mean to imply every single person with a long fingernail was a junkie.