Fingerspin questions

I was wondering, should u have short nails when doing finger spins?
I think I heard somehwhere u need long ones, but wasn’t sure…

Personally, I don’t think it matters very much. I prefer spinning the YoYo on my finger rather than my nail, but some people are probably the opposite. It also depends on what YoYo you’re using. One with a very smooth hub versus one with side effects or something in the middle. For the one with a smooth hub it might be easier to just use your finger (short nail), but for a YoYo where you cannot perform a fingerspin in the very center having a longer nail can help. I think it all comes down to preference, though.

Ok so to clarify, this is finger spinning for the blasted shutter :slight_smile:

Are gloves necessary?

If not, then short fingernails are best for finger spins?

I have extremely long fingernails
Like Josh Yee fingernails

And I think it kinda helps me

Depends on the yoyo but u can do it eitherway… I dont notice much IF ANY improvement on fingerspins on a blasted yoyo but if its like polished or something like a Strix, you’ll definitely want to use ur fingernail

If I hop to fingerspin on a blasted yoyo, I prefer contact with the finger, not the nail. Having the tips a bit calloused and also having naturally dry hands doesn’t hurt. Can’t imagine it will work quite as well for people with soft and clammy hands.

However, to pull-start and execute a fingerspin on the Prestige’s little dimply things, I prefer a short fingernail.

Longer fingernails are better, fingernails are better at grinding than fingers.

Longer fingernails are good for learning the trick shorter are better for competition.

I wouldn’t really do fingerspins in competition ??? or do you mean when you’re better