lol,just saw augie fash at in n out


So today I didn’t get to eat a lot at all. So I was extremely hungry when I got home (was at sac). So I decided to go to in n out. I see a guy walk past me, but I wasn’t sure if it was Augie… Then my dad walks next to me “wow! at guy is yoyoing!” and yup, it was Augie :slight_smile: I didn’t say hi cuz I met him couple days ago and was wayyyyy to hungry :smiley:
I thought it was cool, just wanted to share


Did you manage to get any creeper shots? :smiley:


Yeah, like 5.

Jk jk lol no. He has a beard O0


Ooh. Sophisticated. Does he look like a hipster? I feel like such a stalker right now…


Hahaha, that was my brother Peder; I was chilling in the car.


Haha lol
Sooooo, how was the food? Lol