Login on the complete YYE homepage

I think that there should be a login and password box on the complete YYE page that comes up when you go to exactly yoyoexpert.com. The one that has the new releases big box and stuff. Just because, for me, my computer is really slow, so clicking on each link to a new page in the forums is like a gamble, if you’re reading my language. :wink: So every time I have to click login it wastes another 15-20 seconds. Just thought this could help me and others who have slow computers.


Well you can leave YoYoExpert without logging off on a personal computer. When you go back to the site, you’ll still be online.

Make sure that box is checked prior to login, and ensure that cookies are enabled for your browser. That will save you time!

Would love the login box on the home page…

Hate storing cookie files on my pc…I clean them out everyday…hehe geek