local club

https://s32.postimg.org/o4i3q0y9h/Screenshot_9.jpgscreenshot on pc

So apparently Eric Koloski is a yo-yo tutor at a small toy shop not far from my home.

A-Z? Not that small a store!

A-Z is also owned by André Boulay, the same person who owns YYE. YYE HQ are not terribly far away from you either. You are in the Northeast mecca of yoyo. Enjoy it. Wish I was there. :wink:

Would love to attend that club/class. You should go if you haven’t gone already! Alas, Nick Gumlaw has actually moved; they probably need to update that description a little bit. But should still be a super dope club to attend.

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Oh, cool. I know Yomega HQ is also very close. Yeah, they are holding a contest on July 9th. Eric is super cool, he gave me some free stickers. Having him hand me the Eric Koloski replay was awesome. I bought a horizon as well, so I might actually participate in the contest, but probably not.