As probably none of you remember I made a thread entitled “chinchiller”, and it talked about that term I created, and it’s still used today (by me). And it’s basically a compliment all greeting btw

Well folks, I (with the help of a friend) have come up with a new and improved slang/abbreviated text that will revolutionize your typing experience all across the interweb!..
So without further ado, may I present “LLOL” or “Literally Laugh Out Loud”. Why do we need this you ask? Well, when’s the last time you actually laughed really hard at a funny thing on the Internet then typed “lol”? Probably when it first came out. When’s the last time you found something mildly amusing and it made you breathe a little harder, then typed “lol”? Probably in the previous text, or at this right now
So this is why I’m proposing this new term, to be put in place of where “lol” should have stayed. A place that means, “your post and/or picture made me laugh so hard it made my family give me weird looks”.

Thank you. Use at your leisure (in CORRECT context only), and may you have many “llol’s” in your future


I dig it.

Thank you. This is so much faster than typing it.

Thanks you, I believe it’s genius and should be known throughout the cyberweb

Also, it is (as string king stated) a huge time saver when you’re trying to tell someone their comment was that great

I know right, im always like “you dont underatand haha, I literally laughed sooooo hard! Haha you dont even… Lol!” haha, I would use it.

Haha im actually LLOLing right now i like this

Love it! Please put this into play guys! I once started (only for a little bit though) saying ALOL actually lolling.

Yes, yes, and yes. This must be used (but only properly), for it’s the textvention of the year (probably)

So please, carry it further, and upward onto victoriously slang domination! And it can have a Wikipedia page, and who knows, possibly make more people yoyo!

My friend will be pleased that our creation is prospering




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I laughed out loud when I read this, literally!

Alright, first of all, this is never going to take off. In the beginning, “LOL” was meant to be taken seriously. Obviously, that has stopped. So, if people start saying “LLOL” it’s literal meaning will stop. Its just a waste of an extra L that could be used elsewhere.

Sorry, no doubters allowed ;). But feel free to spread the “llol” love!

And, since the “lol” slot if filled, two slangs can’t mean the same thing (and don’t think about it, just believe me :D)



Let’s hope you are in your heart… The only place an llol should be

llol fixed

No, using “an” is correct there.

^you guys so cray, :smiley: