did anyone see this?

Thats flippin hilarious!!

Man, that’s so funny! rofl!!! So, I think he had to do that because theirs this like embarrassing thing or something you have to do for some people for some reason, and he was like in it for some reason.

that was hillarious (spelling). i like the end

Why do you always point out that you used bad spelling or bad grammar? Your grammar and spelling is as good as 3 quarters of the rest of this forum.

What a weird thing to do…

hahahahaha 1:48

This is soooooooooooooo funny! 1:14! Nasty… he licks his yoyo… :stuck_out_tongue:

he probly lost a bet.

its the creativity contest :wink:

why would you quote yourself for no reason at all?

I gotta give it to him on the looping though. Those were pretty crisp.

is that the guy that invented 5a?


i saw this loke a month ago lol it is pretty funny.