I’d like to share this with you all. “Chinchillin’”… yup “chinchillin” you could say it like

Person: Hey sup
you: Nothing much just chinchillin’


person: whatchya doing?
you: Nothing just chinchillin,cause I take a chill pill every single day, simply to say I’m a chinchiller


you: you put the “chill” in “chinchilla”

just sayin’ people like it and find it funny when I say it

Pretty chinchill

yeah, many a person has complimented me on my creativity on this phrase

you guys are tense. You need to chinchillax.


Yeah we got our mascot right here^

I have 2 chinchillas, but I never get to play with them cause their chinchillin’

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Their names are puffy and fluffy

you fo realz?

Yo, yo,… Chinchill bro, no need to get tense

I love how this phrase actually goes with the very lazy nature of the animal. A friend of my had one of these, he said they rolled in the sand sometimes, which apparently was awesome to look at. I went to visit him once, realizing that these things pretty much sleep all the time.

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Dude, they are not at ALL lazy!! There are always jumping around!! And they can jump five feet when threatened!

My dog can pee up to five feet when threatened, then he can bite your finger off.

Nathan’s chinchillas are sooo soft and cute!


They are crazy hyper right now! The’re even fighting!

did you give them coffee?

Everyone who posts on this thread is a cinchilLOSER! Ha.

not really. it just fits in chinchilla.

I chinchilLaughed at that

Ummm… Why would posting in this thread make us losers?