I’m only joking. you know i chinchillove you guys.


The love chinchillasts forever.



Get a chinchillife

i don’t own any chinchillas. not one. guess that means i am chinchilLACKING in that department.

You kids really need to find a hobby, or maybe go outside and play.

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Chinchillax, if any Chinchillas want to Chinchill in your Chinchillounge, they’ll Chinchillet you know.

Chinchillas chillax every chinchillin day…!


Im Chinchillosing it with this thread.

Just keep it chinchill


I also use it instead of “Peace out.” I’d say “Chinchiller(s) out”

Chinchilla’s are actually quite fidgety creatures.

I imagine they have fast metabolisms, much like my brothers gerbils. Him having them made learning ‘Skin the Gerbil’ really funny

Chinchillas are some of the nicest creatures once u get to know them.

Ways chinchillan u chinvillains?

chin-villian… interesting…

My chinchillas were squeaking and it sounded like ode to joy