lol… NOT llol… lol… :smiley:

lol… Not llol… Lol

Sorry bro, I’m usually your friend.

But this is ridiculous. And pointless to add another L.

I personally could care less if the person REALLY lol or if they just typed it…


you’ll thank me when you’re texting, and you type it instead of and entire paragraph describing how much you laughed at the previous text :wink:

And why is that? Literal is not a word starting with a vowel or a word that starts with a silent letter followed by a vowel.

Owen is correct on this one…

Well to be fair I was assuming most people would pronounce it “el el oh el” if you were reading his post out loud. In that case you would use an. Whatever the first sound is when said is what you would go by; I guess pronunciations of a weird acronym could differ though.




Yeah, I say “el el o el” so that’s why I put an “an”.

But saying it “lawl” would sound better with an “a” not an “an”

So, you’re both right! Pronunciation, texts greatest enemy :smiley:

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This thread is funny, llol…