Little question

Why is that some people stand up a little and get a huge windup for a throw. Does that really give more power?
I dunno, but the normal smooth throw looks better…

I dont know that it really helps TOO too much but any extra momentum is bound to even marginally increase the velocity of the throw, think of how pitchers pitch. I don’t do it myself but hey if you feel you need that little bit of umph, go for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

A flick will do, really. You don’t need that much power.

Yep. I used to know a guy from the Rapid City SD area who’s in a wheelchair. He does very well using mostly wrist flick.

The amount of energy you use during a “Wind up throw” gets dissipated in the wrist anyway. The excess momentum just wastes time, any change in RPM or spin time would be miniscule. If any.

Wrong Q.
Have you ever done a spin time? I have. Trust me I got a few minutes on a power throw.

Now for normal yoyoing it isn’t needed. Just a flick’l do.

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Thank you for catching my mistake in wordings , sir.

IMO, that just makes a knot hurt that much more :’(

People dont wind up thats the normal position for a proper straight breakaway and its a relaxing and confident position.

Dude, look at some of the newer videos. Some of those little kids look like they are intent on killing their yo-yo if the string breaks.

So? They can if they want.