Liopuradon or hatrick?

Title explains all.

Considering that both are discontinued, I would say any one you can find.

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What he said.

What are your preferences?

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I like both, but these are very different yoyos. Are there any particular qualities you’re looking for in a new yoyo?

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I like undersized yoyos that are stable, smooth and have a good spin time I am going to buy one from a b/s/t section.

Besides the undersized part, that’s basically any yoyo.

Hatrick is about 4mm smaller than the Lio. If you like smaller yoyos, get the Hatrick.


have both the Canflon Lioploradon and the Red/Blue hatrick, you’ll get it from spain so if you dont know spanish just click on US flag at the top, (or was it British I forget) and it will translate to english, or you can try the link from and it will send you automatically to the english translated page. I got My hatrick from there, they give you a free 5 pack bundle of poly string, at least they did for me, they also have a point system, accumulate enough points and you can use it to discount from your next purchase, I should get paid for this add :-X

Please do not post direct links to stores. Instead just mention that you have seen them and people can PM you for more information.

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Actually, I don’t think you can post links to other sites.
PMing them may be ok though, but not sure.

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If you like undersized yoyos, the Liopleurodon isn’t for you. But the HATrick fits your wants - undersized, smooth, stable, long-spinning.

As for linking to other stores - don’t do it. If you want to share such info, do it back channel.

Woops! :-X nice to know that now.

Thanks everyone I think ill get the hatrick.