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Here’s how it works:

  1. Like Our Facebook Page

That’s it! We will be giving a free pack of our type 1 yoyo string away to the 100th “liker”. Also, we will give string to random likers as well, so you never know if you will win.


Keep those likes coming


I think every one is waiting to be the fifth. ;D


But random likes also receive string if I choose them;)


Bump for a cause :wink: Big Yoyo Strings rock. Even if you don’t win, I recommend buying some!


Like it up boys, almost there

(Owen) #7

A while agooo, you made a Big Yoyo strings post on FB saying that if we PM you you’d give us free strings…

I never got no reply!


Your strings look awesome. I would love to try some out! Just liked your Facebook page!


Dang, wish I could get facebook. Really wanted to try your strings. :frowning:


Well that wasn’t something that goes on forever, I mean if you just pm’ed me 20 min. ago I would say sorry man. But I don’t ever recall getting a message from you

Hey, you can still contact me on here or at

Thanks for the love man!

(Owen) #11

No it was like 2-3 months ago

No biggy though


Oh, alright man. PM me, I can check my records and see if I ever did or was planning on sending you some


I got the 50th liked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did you? I haven’t been on fb yet today, let me see


I believe so :slight_smile:


Check our facebook page, and see if that is you. I have instructions on how to claim it.

(Owen) #17

Nahh man its totally ok.


Now giving a way a pack of type 1 to the 100th liker! Also giving it to random likers as well, I just picked four random people last night to give them string too.


Was I one of them…?


If you were mentioned in the post that said to message me. Unfortuanately, being a business page, I can’t message people, but somehow people can message me, lol