Well, I have decided to do something cool with the string I make, so I will do give-aways. These will be somewhat like a weekend contest, the person who does what I say first will receive one string. I call these Element strings. But I cannot ship around the world, only to the U.S., sorry!!! Anyways, My string is 20/80 nylon/poly (Sorry if you feel copied Jeromy.) So get ready…


You mean, next weekend?


Nope, it will be whenever…

(Jamesofyoyo) #4

Cool! I love strings!

(Derek) #5

sounds fun. too bad i live in Canada :’(

(Johnny T) #6

Alright. I’m up for it.


As I said I would do, I am going to do give-aways with my string. I have a black and white Element String ready to be sent to the person who answers this correctly:

What is the best yoyo in the world?

And remember, no intenational shipping, sorry! :frowning:


There is no best yo-yo. Preference…

(JM) #9



There is none. All about preference.

(Johnny T) #11

Mighty Flea!


Correct, PM me with your address and I will send you the string!

(Johnny T) #13

Congratz Kim-Lan. ;D


Thanks! ;D



Congrats! Stupid dinosaur computer!!! Too slow!!!


Don’t forget there will be lots of other chances!

Get ready!

(Shisaki) #17

I’ll do it!!

(Johnny T) #18

Remember people, it could be anywhere on the forum. Not just the General Section. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was for Andre’s contest, but it gives me an idea… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

(Johnny T) #20

I know. But if you just post it in the General Section it won’t make it challenging and fun.