Well, I have decided to do something cool with the string I make, so I will do give-aways. These will be somewhat like a weekend contest, the person who does what I say first will receive one string. I call these Element strings. But I cannot ship around the world, only to the U.S., sorry!!! Anyways, My string is 20/80 nylon/poly (Sorry if you feel copied Jeromy.) So get ready…

You mean, next weekend?

Nope, it will be whenever…

Cool! I love strings!

sounds fun. too bad i live in Canada :’(

Alright. I’m up for it.

As I said I would do, I am going to do give-aways with my string. I have a black and white Element String ready to be sent to the person who answers this correctly:

What is the best yoyo in the world?

And remember, no intenational shipping, sorry! :frowning:

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There is no best yo-yo. Preference…


There is none. All about preference.

Mighty Flea!

Correct, PM me with your address and I will send you the string!

Congratz Kim-Lan. ;D

Thanks! ;D


Congrats! Stupid dinosaur computer!!! Too slow!!!

Don’t forget there will be lots of other chances!

Get ready!

I’ll do it!!

Remember people, it could be anywhere on the forum. Not just the General Section. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was for Andre’s contest, but it gives me an idea… lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. But if you just post it in the General Section it won’t make it challenging and fun.