Calling All String Makers


Alright. So Big Yoyo have been conversing about a Temp trade or a possible Permatrade, and since I YoRed make strings (Jailhouse Yoyo Strings) and Big Yoyo makes them aswell (Big Yoyo strings) is what its called i believe, anyways we came up with the idea of sending each other packs of strings. To let each other try them out. I think its a pretty cool idea, And would be more than happy to invite any other string makers in on the party! so whats good guys? Are you down? The only kind i have are regular white poly, called Contraband. so let us know. Peace and Love - Sam


Yeah, anyone down? I’m always down for trading strings with fellow string makers


I has no string rig. Me down in dumps.


Make one!


i made mine with a state issued jail bunk bed, a tube of toothpaste and a sing staple…


You make instructions for me. I do dat.


Lol, mine is paper clips taped to the wall, and a pen with a paper clip through the end.


all i did was fold the string in half, tie the end that u tie a slip not to the bed, poke the stap through the toothpast tube, attach the stapple to the closed end of the string, the end that u connect to the throw, and kept spinning it…


I ment big yoyo.


Alright, maybe when I get home, or tomorrow


Haven’t you done this with Dead Threads?


Me? nahh bro.


I did a trade with dead threads.


Big Yoyo is what we call in the forum community… A nomad, who doesn’t fear death itself.


consider jake Elliot he just started making strings might want to pm him on that also I would be taking up the offer but one problem I attempted 1 time at making string it was a complete fail here is why i had the wrong thread (way to soft couldn’t do any tricks at all) not long enough board or hooks apart so as you can see it was a fail


Lol. Um Thanks? I think.

I’m not scared of trading string with other string makers, consider just a really knowledgeable string “tester”