grind transfering like a boss,
what did you think? pretty cool huh?

Real Nice!!!

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Oh god I needa work on some knee bounces.


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NICE!!! By the way… are you ever gonna make a dehydrated tutorial :wink:

i made a slo mo vid of it but if you want a tut i’ll make one now :slight_smile:

thanks, its such a cool trick, but im not good at figuring stuff out by watching. O, and, can you please talk in the video instead of what most people do(put in music and add text), please?

why do i have to talk?

its easier to understand your meaning that way, and its less annoying then text ;D

i cant talk duringmy vid but i will make the text as detailed as possible, and i’ll have lots of angles

i’ll have it done by monday night. my time