Excell tower/GT

here ya go! what did you think? Constructive critisism would be great

Good tut!

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Nice tutorial! I think 1slave25 has a similar trapeze tower by landing on the back string of a double or nothing.

Very cool variation/trick though!

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ive seen islaves but i didnt have it in mind when i made this trick. its different anyway.

i have so many unfilmed towers. i have a 2nd ladder mount tower, a mach pop tower, backstring NV to iwasawa, easy tower lac, yeah, ALOT!

purdy cool too. (1slave25 is happy that he is being mentioned outside of his own thread)

haha yeah 1slave. ive seen the ladder mount one it was pretty sick!

there are LOTS of things ive found messing around from a ladder mount LOL. there is actually a “locked” tower from it. o darn. just relized. forgot to film today xD. i might do it in a few hours. no access to camera right now

id love to see that tower! you should save up and buy your own camera like i did :slight_smile:

i just had to charge battery. (and i filmed mage drop cuz people keep complaining…)

ill make the tower if you want, but its 1030 pm here, and my parents dont want me filming ATM, also, im thinking about changing my film location. just gotta clean that room…

haha yeah. its 1:00 pm here

i like the different angles :slight_smile:

im glad. i try to get lots of dif angles because i know when i was learning, thats what i needed most