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I wanna learn to do some towers and I can’t find any tutorials…maybe you guys could help? Id like to learn a bunch of them!


Me too. I want to learn a bunch of towers, too. I think we have a few videos of towers here on the Forum someplace. Maybe I should search for them. I’ll do that.


More tower tuts!


Ok, I’ll make a tutorial of the tower video for you.

Happy Throwing! =]


I too made a thread about this:,1734.0.html

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thanks all :slight_smile: means alot

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It’s not that hard. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Jayyo for making this guide for all of us to enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Also, the one that is my avatar is called the Iwasawa Tower.


Man that hanging tower by jayyo is beautiful…

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Im trying to get that hanging tower, but i get to the part after you curl the trapeze while you have the slack and then whip it back on and do the little twist thingy into a morpheous, then mine dont look like yours, idk what im doin wrong :frowning:

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I dare you to try it.



How the crap do you do that???

You’re beast… And a Nerco-er