I wanna see all the vids you can find for towers,not like eifel tower but the more advanced ones.

Back in 07 I made a tut for koloski Tower.

Try it!

Good luck!


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Here’s a video that has a tower IN the trick:

I love this one. It take a little practice, and watch the video a lot of times.

I have made up a tower trick while messing around with one of my concepts today.
I hope to have video soon.

any others?
I managed to get kolosky tower and almost getting triple tower

You don’t have to put all the embed stuff, just post the link of the video.;quote%3D38594;topic%3D1734.0;num_replies%3D7;sesc%3D3f7d4ac101cf6040d1eeb4e67bd24561&feature=player_embedded

Btw, just pointing out, the last post was over a month ago ;D

Logan, was it really necessary to go to every Tower topic out there to post your video? Not trying to be mean but I think you could have let at least a few of these go.