Older tricks of mine.

Well I finaly have a background to contrast my string and decent lighting so here is another video. I neglected most if not all of these tricks in the past month or so and I decided ,while remembering some of them, to make a video of the ones that I really wanted to remember. Hope you enjoy it and please any feedback is welcome.


Man your a hardcore vest-wearin’ S.O.B. ;D There was some pretty sicky stuff in there bro. Steezin’ like the big dawgs.

I throw to daft punk all the timeee

|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

Very nice. Loved a lot of the concepts you used:) and that tower to GT that you showed me is very slick too :wink:

Yeah, I came up with that tower about 9-10 months ago I belive. I really am proud of that one. You can probably do it pretty smooth by now hu?

I really like your style of play, and the tricks were really amazing :smiley:

Yeah. I think I have it pretty smooth. Definately not as smooth as you though. Trying to incorporate it into one of my combos:) just need to smooth that out now, lol.