Lightheaded after a long session?

I’ve recently noticed that after a while of yo-yoing, I get kind of light headed and out of it like I’m mentally exhausted. Anyone else get this? Maybe like after a straight hour or two of yo-ing?

Sort of. When I throw at home, I am constantly having to stop to deal with kids acting up, avoiding kids, avoiding dogs, taking phone calls, making phone calls and having to deal with all sorts of stuff. I think it’s the other stuff that wears me down more.

When I’m having my yoyo meets, even though I’m out for 2 hours, I find myself less exhausted.

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Try drinking water and staying hydrated. It’ll “clear” your mind and keep your reflexes sharp.

It sounds like you might just be getting a little dehydrated. It can sneak up on you without you noticing… It sounds obvious, but you need to regularly drink water throughout the day as you often won’t realise that you’re not getting enough but your body will… :-[

It’s true.

I was once working a show outside during the summer, and while my crew was outside goofing off, I had to stay at the area and keep things moving to ensure the concert rolled on as it was supposed to. One of my humble requests was water, which never arrived. I ended up with a urinary tract infection as a result of the dehydration. SO, yeah, don’t mess around and stay properly hydrated.

(BTW: that crew is completely GONE!!!)

Honestly, it might be simply from standing stationary for so long (assuming you are staying stationary). Try moving a little every now and then to let your blood circulate.

Similar to the light-headedness induced from standing up after sitting down for extended periods of time, blood tends to pool in joints and extremities, and when it is freed by movement and begins to circulate, your brain is often supplied with more than it needs, which causes light-headedness, and in the case of tall skinny people, like me, fainting. I have passed out on a few occasions from this effect.

The more common symptoms of dehydration would be more akin to a headache, and overall weakness. Slurred speech is also common, I believe.

I’ve felt lightheaded from dehydration before but you’re right, a headache is a more common symptom. I also tend not to think as clearly when I’m dehydrated.

Hahaha, just trying to remember what they taught me in my First Aid merit badge.

Maybe You’re locking your knees while you’re throwing.

The only time I can get that long of a session going I is around 3am and I’m allways mentally drained by then. I usually throw to clear my mind after a long day and stuff.

I’ve found that a certain combination of speed of throwing and music gives me a sort of ecstatic feeling. I wouldn’t consider it light headedness, though it may be the same thing.
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Many people, while concentrating, will hold there breath or breathe irregularly. Are you blonde? ;D

Hehe, that’s almost funny.

Makes sense tho.

It’s probably from the amount of concentration yoyoing requires. Your brain can only concentrate on something for about 45 mins then it starts to overheat.

I get dizzy from watching my yoyo for too long, which in turn makes me light headed. Take a break.

for me after about 30 mins of straight playing, i work up a sweat, idk why, but i just sweat alot

Proper advice here. Water is essential but especially when more physically active. Drink more water, it will help quite a bit. When we throw, we get into the zone and I think we forget about everything else around us.

Sounds like you guys need to stop sitting so much. Getting light headed after thirty minutes is wack.

I am a programmer and OFTEN (practically every working day) spend 6-8 hours continuously concentrating on a project and have never had my brain overheat before haha