Odd question: Do you guys ever sweat when you yoyo intensely?


I personally find myself sweating a ton when I’m really getting into tricks that require alot of focus and movement. Such as double laceration, whips etc. I myself tend to sweat alot more than others when I do sports but can’t help but notice that yoyoing makes me sweat as much as doing sports sometimes.

Just curious :slight_smile:


My muscles tense up a lot and my face does all sorts of wacky stuff when I’m really concentrating, but I don’t find myself sweating much, except when I’m really nervous.


i sweat if im trying something that takes a lot of movement but i dont usually sweat…my face doers queer things when im doing hard tricks or learning a new one.


When i go super fast yes.


Mainly when I kendama


Just my palms


Maybe and maybe not.

I seem to sweat easily. The first time I really notice this was when I was in Vietnam with basically nothing to do but curse the heat and humidity. Then again, you’re sweating while sitting still, so it wasn’t like sweating was unexpected. My hands sweat too. However, what I did discover is that sweat, heat and humidity is NOT a good combination for yoyo for my hands and I got cut quite a bit from the string, even the nice, new and soft Type X string that I bought just for the trip. Honestly, in such circumstances, any string would be more likely to cut you a bit. I fully understand and appreciate gloves now. I may invest in a glove or two at some point in the future.

Back at home, yes, it can be the same thing, minus the heat and humidity. Even though I’m not sweating just by sitting still, I do find I am sometimes sweating a bit(or a lot) when I’m playing with yoyos, especially 4A.


No, not really. I stick my tongue out and do all sorts of funny things with my face, though. That’s not just yoyoing. When I’m really concentrating during a game or sport I grit my teeth and all that. I’ve been told many times that I make many funny concentration faces.


I fart a little and sweat when I’m doing follow combos and whip tricks.


Maybe if there is a whole lot of body movement. I rarely sweat because of throwing though.

Now kendama on the other hand…


Rancid milk, sweated a lot learning that trick.


Oh man, I’m a sweat machine when I go hard, usually when I can really get into the music.





I do 4a outside in the blazing hot sun, so yes. I do sweat


Yes. and I HATE IT. It makes my combos so much harder to do, tech mainly. I get sooo frustrated.


All the time.

I do a lot of body tricks that involve a lot of movement. As such, I tend to sweat.

I find that gloves and wicking shirts helps TONS on long yoyo sessions.


I start sweating when I’m putting the string on.


I only sweat a little when doing 4A or 2A, mainly because I do body tricks. I also sweat when doing kendama, which is actually great exercise for your legs. (It’s equivalent to doing squats, but more fun)


I don’t like being sweaty so when I start to sweat, I take a break. I hate when my hands get sweaty, it messes up the string and makes tricks harder


Do you guys do somersaults while you yo-yo?

Just kidding, but the only way I start to sweat is when I play 4a.