LF: YYJ HG Models and Higby ProYos & Boxes! ---------- FS/FT: Yoyos and MTG

Hey guys! Chad here.

I’m looking for any and all Mint Heavy Gravity models from YYJ (non-mint will be considered) as well as Higby ProYos. Only the basic Proyos, preferably with painted caps/pogs, but any printed arts I don’t have I’d be interested in as well. Also note I have a fair amount of Higby ProYos (40+) and we could make a Higby swap as well since I have a fair amount of duplicate printed arts with different Higby designs, so I’d like to see what you have!

I am only trading for the items mentioned above right now.! PayPal only unless I can find another reliable option. Just shoot me a PM with a price and we’ll go from there.

We can work out trade specifics through PM at a later time.

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Throws for trade (all reasonable offers considered):

I am currently only trading for HG’s and Higby’s. Settled a large deal and I am low on funds.

YYJ PHENOMizm - Red: $40 Shipped

I had to Krazy Glue the solid spin axle in one side because it was loose when I purchased it, otherwise it is mint besides some raw looking marks on one of the nickel plated rings which were there when I purchased it from retailer. Other ring has typical machining marks. Very smooth for a plastic. Comes stock with KK in its box.


Werrd Poo - Grimace Poo (Purple with Silver Speckle): $85 shipped

Mint with box. Pretty good yoyo. Smooth, comes with generic concave bearing. The box is a little torn along the back top right corner.


God Tricks Destiny - Pink: $35 shipped

Not mint. Has pinprick sized scratches in clusters around the edges, but I struggled to get any pictures of them. At least 3 of them break ano. No box.


Magic the Gathering:

I’m finally quitting out of MTG, the higher end market anyway. I currently have FS/FT:

2x Nm/M Ulamog the Infinite Gyre @ $35 each
2x Nm/M Kozilek, Butcher of Truth @ $35 each
2x Nm/M Emrakul Aeons Torn (one Prerelease promo and one normal) @ $35 each

Cards will be shipped in sleeves and semi-rigid card cases in a flat rate shipping box. The sleeve/semi-rigid card case set up for shipping is recommended by Beckett when you ship to them, and is known as a reliable way to ship.

I also have a MINT Jace Beleren Book Promo w/ book. I’m not interested in parting with this unless you make some amazing offer or have something that truly piques my interest.

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P22 on the way soon.

I’ll certainly have my trading throws up in a week tops.

EDIT: Meant to pm you… accidentally replied.

Bump! Bundle price added. Let’s talk :wink:

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday :slight_smile:

Bumpity Bump! Been a while, may add some Non-ProYo Higby throws to my FS/FT soon. MTG cards added.