Hello All! :smiley:

I have finally decided to part ways with my Higby collection. They haven’t been given the love or shelf space they desire, so it’s about time they find a new home.

Here’s what I have:

39 ProYo’s - 2 With painted caps
1 Hitman with painted caps
1 Flames FAST 201 with painted caps
2 Painted boxes
1 2"x3" drawing

Only one of the 39 throws has the basic ProYo caps. The others feature at least one printed cap of Higby’s artwork.

The purple box has a tight fit and has caused a scuff mark on the second one in from the left closest to the hinge. Besides that, caps have seen some light marking from regular handling. A majority of the collection ranges in the early 2000’s.

Looking for $250 shipped OBO, Please PM me with any further questions or details.


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