LF(WTB) Gravitas by Mythril: Magenta Colorway

you might be able to help me out here… I’m searching for the Gravitas by Mythril in magenta/maroon with a blue ring. I can only buy, since I literally have two yoyos as of now, which I would not trade for the moon.
I absolutely adore the Gravitas and I could curse myself for looking through the YYE database as I cannot think of any other yoyo anymore. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
So if you have that gem laying around but don’t really care for or might know someone who wants to get rid of it hit me up, I would be forever grateful!

tldr.: I buy this pls. QQ <3



Maybe it doesn’t catch your eye quite the same way, but there are still six available in other colorways on YYE. I’ve certainly never let availability of my preferred colorway slow me down - anno is only skin deep :smiley: I want that throw to play it baby!

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Thanks for the heads up! I actually thought about getting the black one, but I just didn’t feel compfortable about buying something for that much money that I’d ultimately trade at any given moment.
I only started throwing not tooo long ago and I feel mostly happy with the few throws I own! There are a few thing, such as a bimetal, that I would love to own at one point, but I can’t afford throwing money at it if I do not feel like I’d be fully satisfied with it. And for me personally, visuals are of quite some importance if I wanna be satisfied! :smiley:
I do actually not dislike the black one. But I’m too afraid that the fact that I’d always know that this yoyo exists in a color I’d vastly prefer might dampen the experience for me… and I mean… having a goal to work upon is not that bad, right? :grin:


Fair 'nuff! That’s what’s so fun about this hobby; there are so many ways to participate. Enjoy it in the way that works best for you :smiley:

Also - your drawing is amazing.



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