LF: Wooly Markmont - Fat Cash, Fat Trades, Fat Guy…

Hey YYE Fam!

Looking for a Wooly Markmont and some nickel One Drops. Let me know what you got!

Help me out please!

lots of cash and juicy, rare trades are available… MFD, OD, YYR, etc…. inquire within!

thank you, it was nice to see some YYE folks at FL States today!


I’m surprised this thread didn’t get flooded with offers to sell a Prime8 or a BSP ! :joy:

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who said i didn’t :wink:

That we don’t know. But zilch on the thread.

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Man Ive always loved the Dazzler. That thing is so CLEEEAAAANNN. :fire:

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help me rhonda… help, help me rhonda!

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