Looking For: Wooly Markmont and Markmont.Next - Trades/FS: Listed too

I’m looking for a Wooly Markmont, Markmont.Next and an Obsidian Markmont.Next.

Have trades, trades + cash or possibly cash depending on price. Not looking for collector grade quality, players are perfect. As long as they don’t wobble I don’t care if there are scratches or dings. No refinished yo-yos though, must still be nickel plated.

Thanks :pray:t2:

Some trades I have. Like I said, I’ve got some cash as well. So for a WMM I’d prefer to do a trade + cash if possible. Get at me and maybe I’ll look around and see what else I have :+1: These are the ones that have just been popping out at me. Will also sell these if you’re interested.

2008 888 - factory raw, these don’t seem to come up to often. It’s a B grade, although I’m not sure why, it’s got typical 888 vibe - $65

BC Cosmic Otter - previously owned by the Cosmic Otter Jason Tracy, has finish checking - $25

TK Sunburst Mandala No Jive - SF era, previously owned by Ed. Great yoyo, smooth playing, has scuffs and marks from “walking the dog” - $40

Doc Pop Icarus - b grade for ano, unengraved, super smooth still. Love this yoyo, just have too many that are very similar, don’t mind if it doesn’t sell - $50

Hildy Brothers Currier - custom Currier made from old whiskey barrel oak. I asked Luke to make me this one years ago. Really nice and unique yoyo - $50

CLYW Metal Yeti - Mint condition, grey, has original box, pin and string - $40

Square Wheels Missing Link - super rare, from what I remember there are less than 10 of these out there, this one is Delrin most were acrylic. Just added new silicone. Mint condition - $85

Out of curiosity, which models did One Drop release in the Obsidian ano? I only know of the Obsidian 54.

I think the Markmont.Next and the 54. Not sure of any others.

Correct. Ive only ever seen it in 54 and MMN(pic for reference)



some trades/for sale items listed as well

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