FT: Underdog, Aotus, Armament Reloaded LF: Nickel One Drops

Hello YYE Fam!

FT: I have a Matt Schmidt Underdog NM/M - no damage or visible mars or scars. Teflon coating on 7075 AL. Looking for rarer yo’s of similar caliber.

Also, I have FT an MFD Looking Back Aotus, Artist Proof 1/12. I’m looking for a Gelada 2.1 of similar caliber. I prefer bright contrasting colors. I’m also looking for nickel One Drops. LMK what you got, and if you need more info or have question HMU!

Also consider for sale or trade:

YYWS Armament Reloaded. No noticeable damage or blemishes. $65 shipped!

PM for more pics or more info!

Thank you folks!


I’m surprised this thread didn’t get flooded with offers to sell a Prime8 or a BSP ! :joy:

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who said i didn’t :wink:

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That we don’t know. But zilch on the thread.

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Man Ive always loved the Dazzler. That thing is so CLEEEAAAANNN. :fire:

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looking for that wooly

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Bump for the Wooly …help this man out! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just curious, how much do wm1 in non-special colors go for nowadays?

oh sorry i misread, but also curious about wmm’s price too. Heard that ones in good condition have been hitting 4 digits of cash

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I bought couple months brand new wmm for 1,2k $

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that is a lot! i’ll just do the best i can, and offer good trades or whatever.

lol, you probably raised asking prices for them after you put the post offering $1k for a wmm. that’s alright though, bst can be a killer. we had one guy on here get one for like $200. that’s a good deal.

thanks for the info though bud, wish me luck!


How many of those were made?


If I’m not mistaken this was pre-order so there are a few around. But Goblin Bile is such a sick colorway.

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this one is 7075, so i’m not sure it was a preorder. but i could be wrong.


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MFD Tri B in Tron colorway that would be a MonkeyFinger I would chase and not know what to do with if I caught one.

just a gentle reminder