Looking to trade for a few. (CLYW, older YYF, Older OD)

I’m looking for a Wooly Markmont, YYF VK, One Drop Code 1 (solid color), solid color Project 1, CLYW Scout Army Green, Red CLYW Borealis.

Looking to do trades only, send me a PM if you have these yoyos, not interested in colors not listed or buying.


Only those 4?

There are actually 6, two are not pictured:

Wooly Markmont
One Drop Code 1 (solid color)
solid color Project 1
CLYW Scout Army Green
Red CLYW Borealis

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Might help to list your available trades.

I’ve got too much as most would know here. But I just learned of something that I may skip these and post a bunch for sale.


i wanna know the good stuff, lol!

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Yeah, he has a grip of collectibles. When he posts, you should be on the lookout. It’s always hard to find mint beauties.

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