FT: CLYW woolly marmot, One Drop, and more

I am only looking to trade, and i do not want offers with cash only, but one of my wants with cash would be ok.


One Drop code 1 or Code 2
CLYW avalanche, peak or cheif
any general yo

the wants list is just to show what i want, i will entertain other offers, just please don’t lowball.

top left to bottom right:

mib first run project
OD M1 with polished rimspending
CLYW wooly marmot newest runpending
mint OD markmont nextpenging
near mint OD 54pending
near mint OD y factor
mint YYF splash DV888
beat 2010 worlds spead freak

first up is the speed freak. this thing is beat to death, yet still remains smooth. i will ship the box with this yoyo.

Now we have a splash dv888. this yoyo is perfecly mint and has a great splash colorway.

next up is the Y factor. this yoyo is one of the best yoyos i have thrown. incredibly smooth, the marks hardly break the ano and do not affect play in any way.

next is the 54. this is a great playing yoyo, and the marks are purely aesthetic. i do have the box for this.*pending

now we have a OD markmont next. perfectly mint, perfectly smooth. pending

next up is the M1. great trow i love this thing will be hard to get.pending

now we have the marmot. this thing is a beast. will be hard to get.pending

now the project. the best throw out there, with out question. will be incredibly difficult to get off me.

i also have a couple of plastics not listed if you want a deal sweetener.

please PM me with offers i will respond to all offers in a timely manner, weather i accept them or not.

ill trade my Hspin Icon for your one drop Y-Factor. My Icon has a few marks on it but it doesnt effect it. i have hardly played it at all. ill give u 10 orange strings too.

Hey dude I am getting about 150 dollars and I want as many one drops as I can. I also will throw in a conter attack and a jk if you want to talk text me pm me and il give u my number if u want to talk

no thanks, and please send offered in the form of a pm.

If you pm me, we can discuss a deal.