LF: Wooly Markmont, CODE1, Scout and YYF VK

I’m looking for a WoolyMarkmont, a specific One Drop CODE1 (photo below), a CLYW Scout in Army Green and a YYF VK. Condition isn’t all that important to me, as long as it’s not wobbly or overly vibey I’ll be ok with it. Mainly looking for a trade, but if the price is right may be able to purchase.

Send me a PM if you’ve got one. Thanks!


I’ll trade you a project plus $ for a Sovereign!?!

No $, plus no Sovereign :disappointed:

Need these yoyos :grin:

Updated my Looking For list

I’ve got a raw 7075 scout -

  • and do ano or can give you some leads for an ano shop.


Thanks for the offer, but looking for the specific yoyos in my list, and only those.

No problem, thanks for letting me know, I’ll keep my eyes out. I have a woolyMark -

I usually don’t trade, but dm if interested.

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