Wooly Marmot. Want Markmont Next

Howdy folks, I have a Wooly Marmot up for trade, and I would really like to get a Markmont Next for it. Pics are going up tonight, so mods, don’t delete my thread.

The Marmot Blue with Orange Speckles and is as mint as they come. I really really want a Markmont Next. So give me a markmont next. Or any other fun metal in the price range. I’m not picky. Hey , I’ll sign it too.

Hey, i have a MMN, it’s nickle plated. Send me a message and hopefully we can talk.

I’m posting in this thread instead of deleting it to make a point. This is an example of why the mod/admins remove BST threads with no pics. Promises of “pics later” or “pics up tonight” don’t cut it.

If you make a post on this board and have a yo-yo for sale or trade you need to post a picture of it… when you make the post. Not later.